Our Benefeciary


Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a 250 beds, accredited, 100% non-profit Nursing Home for the destitute and poor, operating since 3 July 1983, and is currently located in Punggol Field since 8 March 2013.

Their Mission
Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a voluntary welfare home that provides health care services for the aged sick regardless of race, language or religion.

Their Vision 
To promote and maintain holistic nursing and medical care to the residents and to discharge them to the community when appropriate.

All the residents at Bright Hill are elderly people above 50 without family support and are totally dependant on public assistance.


‘Just like a mother would protect her only child with her life,
even so let him cultivate a boundless heart toward others..’ - Metta Sutta

Funded by Ministry of Health & National Council of Social Service and a member ofCommunity Chest, the team at BHEH aims to provide care to the elderly and improve their quality of life. Some of the services and programmes BHEH provides for its residents are:

  • Residential Care
  • Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social service / Counselling

Your donations, be it monetary or in-kind, help BHEH to organize regular leisure and recreational activities for the residents. Some examples of these activities include birthday celebrations for the residents and outdoor excursions.

Having chosen BHEH as our beneficiary, Frost & Sullivan strives to raise awareness of the needy elderly in Singapore and do our part to improve their lives.

By joining Frost the Trail, you have decided to do your bit for the underprivileged. All the proceeds from Frost the Trail will go towards the residents in BHEH. Do your bit for the underprivileged today. To find out more about Bright Hill Evergreen Home, please visit www.bheh.org.


SHALOM Seniors Activity Centre(SSAC) was started in November '95, operating out of a rented 1-room flat in Block 4 Beach Road. In March '98, SSAC moved into larger premises on Level 2 of Block 5 Beach Road. These were 'ward blocks' of SSAC, meaning SSAC managed the Alert Alarm System installed in the 1-room HDB rented flats. SSAC was selected among the then three existing Seniors Activity Centres to be upgraded to a Neighbour Link (NL). Physically, the new NL at Kampong Glam operates out of a 330m² premise.

PEACE-Connect Neighbourhood Link (PCNL) is stituated on the ground level of Block 8 North Bridge Road. As a Neighbourhood Link (NL), she provides inter-generational activities, support and care for the residents of the 21 blocks of flats in Kampong Glam. The spirit of PEACE-Connect is one "of the residents, for the residents and by the residents" aimed:

- To further build a sense of communal belonging within the constituency 
- To stimulate voluteerism and self-help among the residents;
- To encourage gainful employment among the able elderlies;
- To open doors of opportunites for self-development through public education; - To inculcate good and healthy social lifestyle in both individuals and families.

In general, PCNL looks after the interests of the residents at large. However, her special role as an elderly-service provider has not only remained but expanded to cover 5 blocks of 1-room HDB rented units installed with the Alert Alarm System at Blocks 4 & 5 of Beach Road and Blocks 7, 8, and 9 of North Bridge Road. In all, there are about 656 elderly households fitted with the AAS. Funding for the recurrent expenditure is shared equally between the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and Holy Trinity Church (HTC). It is paramount that HTC as the Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) for PCNL, raises enough funds to sustain its community work at Kampong Glam. However, over and above the standard budget of $250,000 per annum, there is also a sizeable 'non-standard' amount expended by the VWO to better meet the needs of the elderly. Some areas where the financial needs of the elderlies have to be further met include ambulance charges for house calls; transport expenses for hospital appointments; emergency financial assistance; and food rations and free lunches, to tide the old and needy over. The commitment to serve in the Kampong Glam community is both a responsibility and a challenge. Our time, our talents, our experiences and our finances, when invested in community work, will go a long way. Our work does not end here. We will continue to grow with the people in Kampong Glam, to help them meet their own needs and to encourage them towards a more fulfilled life.