About The Race

1. What is Frost the Trail 2017

Frost the Trail is great way of giving back to the community!

Frost the Trail is essentially a Corporate Run - where all funds (100%) collected from the run will be collected and given to our adopted charity, Bright Hill Evergreen Home.

Currently in its 12th year, Frost the Trail 2017 will be held at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

Organizations can send in teams of 4 or individuals to participate. The fastest team or individual to cross the finish line wins!

2. How does this race work?

All teams will have four members, who will race along a range of outdoor terrain. They'll all be flagged off together and the combined total time of the four runners will determine their position after the race.

The Individual Category will be flagged off before the Team Category. The personal completion time will determine their position after the race.

3. Where do we congregate to start the race?

MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore. Off Lornie Road

4. What time does registration start?

Registration commences from 0630 and ends at 0700. This is followed by a quick warm-up session before the race begins at 0715.

5. What is the distance to be covered?

The total distance to be covered for the Team Category is 4km per runner and 8km for the Individual Category.

6. What happens after the race?

After the race, soak in the fun at our Breakfast Carnival. Mingle with fellow runners and supporters, food, entertainment and much more. Last but not the least don't forget to pose for our friendly photographers.


7. When do registrations commence?

The registration opens now.

8. What is the last date to submit registration forms?

The last date to submit all applications is 21st July, 2017.

9. Can I register on the day of the event?

No, all submissions are accepted only up to a week prior to the main event.

10. What is the Entry Fee for the event?

Every team consisting of four participants will have to make a donation of S$ 500. For participants taking part in the individual race, a donation of S$ 125 will be collected.

11. What are the various modes of entry fee payment?

All cheques have to be in attention to "Bright Hill Evergreen Home" or "Peace-Connect", whoever is your choice of support.

Please indicate "Frost The Trail" on the reverse of the cheque(s) to facilitate administrative process. Print the Registration form and mail it together with the cheque(s) to:

Frost & Sullivan – Frost the Trail 
100 Beach Road 
#29-01/11 Shaw Tower 
Singapore 189702 
Tel :+65 6890 0999

12. Can I change the members of my team?

Make sure you email us the details at least seven days in advance. Thereafter, no change of runners’ particulars will be allowed.

13. What happens if a team is short of members?

If a team starts with less than 4 runners, each absent runner will be given the timing of 90 minutes towards the team aggregate time.

14. Can entries be cancelled?

No refund of the donation is possible.

15. Are there any medical precautions I should take for the event?
  • Rest well the night before the trail race
  • Keep yourself adequately hydrated
  • Wear comfortable trail shoes
  • A warm up on the day of the event would be provided
  • Do not consume alcohol the day before the race

Medical Disclaimer. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program

16. What if I do not feel well during the race? What medical facilities would be available?

Race marshals would be posted at regular intervals on the route. Approach them immediately if you feel unwell. They will escort you to the safety area for medical aid.

Ambulance support will also be provided.

More Information

17. I am interested in donating towards the event. Whom do I approach?

Send your request to our Contact page.

18. How do I contact the organisers?

For any event related queries, go to our Contact page.

19. Will there be a cutoff timing for the runners?

The cutoff timing for the 4km race will be 60 minutes while the 8km race will have a cutoff timing of 90 minutes. Should you finish your run after the cutoff time, your timing will not be recorded and will be deemed as 60 minutes (for the 4km run) and 90 minutes (for the 8km run).

20. What is the minimum number of participants required in order for the 'Individual Category' to take place?

The 'Individual Category' will take place once we have gathered 10 participants or more. Should there not be enough runners to fulfill this category, we'll inform all participants at least a week before the race.

21. Who do I issue the cheque in favour of?

Please issue a cheque payable to 'Frost & Sullivan (S) Pte Ltd'

22. Where and when will the collection of race pack be?

All runners will pre-collect their race pack before the race. The collection venue is Frost & Sullivan Singapore Pte Ltd, 100 Beach Road, #29-01/11 Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702. Collection date and time will be advised via email.

23. Are the donations made tax deductible?

Yes, all donations will receive a 2.5 times tax deduction.

  1. For corporate tax exemption, please indicate the full company name and ROC number.
  2. For individual tax exemption, please indicate your full name and NRIC/FIN number on the reverse of the cheque.

For your cheque donation, please make it payable to "Bright Hill Evergreen Home" or "Peace-Connect" (whoever you would like to support) and send the cheque to Frost & Sullivan at 100 Beach Road #29-01/11, Shaw Tower Singapore 189702 [Attn: Thomas Tay].

For more information on tax deductions, please visit https://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/Other-Taxes/Charities/Donations-and-Tax-Deductions/